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Sunday Seven: My Restaurant List

This ones for all my peeps that either live in Arizona or plan on visiting. Are you like me and seem to always stick to your usual spots? Well you’ll be happy to know that we have some pretty great spots to eat when it comes to sunny Arizona! I’ve put together a list of 7 places that should be on everyones list! Be sure to refer back to this guide when your planning a lunch with the girls or a date night out with your love.

  1. Volanti
    This restaurant is so unique that while you’re enjoying a contemporary plate and a cocktail you will have overlooking views of Scottsdale’s Airport Runway and McDowell Mountains. Enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner while watching planes take off or come in for landing. Be sure to make a reservation for this place!

  2. ZuZu at Hotel Valley Ho
    American styled food with a retro-chic feel. Take a step on the wild side and taste one of their many crafty cocktails and unforgettable desserts. Highly recommend stopping here during daylight.

  3. The Patio at Las Sendas
    Are you someone that enjoys a glass of wine while relaxing to live music and sunset views? At 1800 feet above the valley you will experience a one of a kind menu and breathtaking views of the mountains and city lights. I would personally recommend going when the weather is cooler for outdoor dining.

  4. Tocaya
    If you’re looking for a trendy spot to hit with the girls for a delicious lunch and a quick photo op, then this is your go to. Tocaya has created a modern Mexican menu ranging from salads, tacos and burritos with a signature drink menu. You will be served quick service with a unique yet sophisticated setting.

  5. Different Pointe of View
    Now this is your place if you’re looking for a special night out with your loved one or celebrating someone special. Different Pointe of View is more on your pricer end of places but you will enjoy a dining experience like no other! With food best described as American Cuisine meets Mediterranean. You will see views of the city’s twinkling lights and our well known sunsets. Whether you choose indoor or outdoor, you will still be blown away by the views and feeling of being on top of the world.

  6. Tommy Bahama Restaurant Bar & Store
    One of my personal favorites! Casual upscale dining with a cozy feel. Their island inspired food really has a way of making you feel right on the beach. Choose to sip on one of their signature cocktails while listening to live music or enjoy fresh seafood on the second story with sweeping sunset views. Be sure to order their scallops, they are one of a kind!

  7. San Tan Flat
    This one is a complete 360 compared to the places recommend above. If you want delicious cookout food, live country music and dancing then twirl your little cowboy boots all the way to San Tan Flats. This place makes for a fun night out with the whole group.


Do you have any restaurants that are at the top of your list? Have you been to any of the restaurants I listed?

XO Melissa



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