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Gift Guide: Father’s Day

Ladies and Gents….Fathers day is in exactly one week! I love that there’s a day carved out just for the leading men in our lives and Father’s Day is the best day to show them just how much we appreciate and love them. Dad’s can be tough to shop for so I’ve created the perfect Father’s Day gift guide to help you all out!

  1. Grilling
    These are the perfect gifts for the Grill Master of the house. You can go as simple as a new apron or get a little more creative and go with the steak stamping set. Let dad roll out all his best dad jokes on a piece of steak!


  2. Technology
    Who else out there has a dad that has a cell phone, AirPods, an iPad, an Apple Watch and everything else in between? Well this is the perfect gift for that Dad! Give him a stand that can charge nearly it all or give him something that makes utilizing his iPad/Tablet a little more easier.


  3. Drinking
    Anyone else have a bonus Dad in their life? The first tumbler is the perfect gift for that bonus dad! You will definitely win child of the year with that gift. Also, what dad wouldn’t love a new beer glass to drink out of while he’s out grilling in the backyard!


  4. Speaker
    This one is my favorite gift of all! This speaker is perfect for any pool day, lake day or vacation day. Its bluetooth, water proof, has a light feature and will float in your pool. Its easily the best yet most inexpensive gift you could possibly buy. Plus, it will make him look really cool when all his guy friends come over for beers!Pool speaker
  5. Serving
    Every dad needs a cutting board and some customized coasters. Go with the one a little more manly and simple or take a leap and give dad the cutting board with the sweetest message that he will appreciate every time it gets used. Coasters are easy.. they are small but have good meaning. Great for his desk!


  6.  Random
    If you have bought your dad all the things above, then here are a few random things he will will love too. A travel bag for all his toiletries, a very manly smelling candle and the sweetest spoon for the dad with a serious sweet tooth. Things he would never buy himself but would love to recieve!

    To shop all these gift items just scroll back up to the top, click ‘Shop’ and it will direct you to each item for purchasing!


    What are you getting your dad for Father’s Day? Let me know!

Xoxo Mel

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