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Morning skin care (updated)

Hi loves! Miss me? Cause I missed you all! It has been toooooo long since I last posted. But I’m back and ready to kick booty. I’ve been so off the chart working on many other things and trying to find a balance but I think I have finally found it.

I have updated my skin care for you all. This one is all about my morning routine. Night routine coming soon, so stick round! To shop any of the products from this post, just click on the shop tab and click the featured photo. Super easy!

When it comes to mornings, I find myself rushing and wanting to skip through everything skin care just to beat the clock. Im the kind of girl that is suppose to leave by 8am but gets out of bed at 7:50 and has to shower still. Im working on it though.

Every morning pretty much rolls the same way when it comes to my face. I will always wash my make up off at night so then mornings are a little less work. If its a morning I don’t wake up and jump right in the shower then I will run downstairs and grab my ice roller. I will use this on mornings that my face doesn’t get that 7am cold shower wake up call. One, it helps wake me up and 2 it helps get rid of my morning puffiness. I usually do my ice roller for about 5 minutes.

  1. I will always start off with micellar water. I use the brand simple, about $5 from Target. I just pour some onto a cotton pad and rub that all over my face, it just helps get off the dirt that I’ve collected through the night. IMG_9115
  2. Next I will pour a some toner on a cotton pad and rub that all over my face. Ive tried a few different toners and this one is honestly my favorite. Ive been using it for maybe 3 years now. This just feels so refreshing and brightens my face so much. IMG_9112 2
  3. After 1 & 2 I will spray my whole face with either a rose water or my favorite Tea Tree Water from Lush. For Rose Water I usually will use the Teddie organics Rose water that I just get off of Amazon. I will typically swap out each one and use one, one day and the other one the next day. It makes your face feel good and hydrated.

    4. For moisturizing I have SO MANY different ones and ones that I love too. In the mornings I will ALWAYS use a moisturizer with SPF in it. wearing a lotion with SPF in it not only helps prevent skin cancer but is also prevents wrinkles. So if there is one thing you take from this whole post, take this one! Put on a moisturizer every morning that has SPF in it. Many Estheticians and Dermatologist have told me this. I usually jump between these two, they have become my favorites!

    5. Eye balm, a basic product but one I cant live without anymore. I never knew I needed it until I used it. Now its an every day, all day kind of thing. The Tula Glow and Get it cooling & brightening eye balm have turned my days right side up. Lol, but really though. I just roll this baby under my eyes and they feel bright and look bright. I will use this under my make up but even over it as well. Its light weight, not sticky and has the most perfect glow. IMG_9116


    6. To finish off my morning routine I will use the elta MD UV Lip Balm with SPF. I will have already bushed my teeth and will just lightly add this to my lips while I do my make up/ hair and get dressed. The perfect balm to hydrate my lips before I put on my lipstick of choice. Feels great and helps with chapped/dry lips. IMG_9113

Very basic products, some generic and some more on the pricer end. But when it comes to skincare I truly believe there is no price. Its so important to take care of your skin and do everything you can to help it. This entire routine takes me maybe 5-10 minutes max. Its easy, fast and makes all the difference. Please know, not every product that works for me is going to work for you. But try things out, get samples of products from Nordstrom or Sephora and try it out before investing a days worth of money into one product.

If you have any questions please ask me. Talk soon loves!

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