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A weekend escape

Wow, what a weekend to really kick start 2019. Our family of friends found the most perfect place to cozy up for the weekend in Greer, Arizona. Our weekend was full of birthday celebrations, snowboarding, dancing, laughs, football, slipping on ice and lots of drinking. It was the most beautiful snow covered weekend we could’ve ever asked for.

Friday night was a late ride in but we finally made it to the “Lazy Trout Fishing Lodge” around 10pm. The second we showed up, was the second we started making memories. We spent the whole night playing charades, catch phrase, every drinking game under the sun and I’m pretty sure no one rolled into bed until 4am. What a Friday night though!

Saturday morning we were all woken up by the smell of bacon cooking – Thank you Nick and Taytum. Shortly after, half of our group enjoyed a full day of Snowboarding, while the other half of us took walks to local diners, played games, and had photoshoots in the snow, of course lol. All of our exhausted snowboarders came home, grilled up dinner and we enjoyed a family dinner all together! Dinner then led to a game of What do you meme but the biggest hit was Glow Pong, a drinking game in the dark…SO FUN!

Sunday, our day to pack up and drive home. But it was another morning of delicious breakfast, snow ball fights and more pictures. The cabin was seriously a hidden treasure and we cant wait to go back and make more memories.

To my Cabin Crew, it was an awesome weekend and thanks for the mems.

Xoxo, Mel


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