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2019: My New Years Resolution

I hope everyone had an amazing night ringing in the new year! What a time to be alive right? Were 6 days into 2019 and theres no better time to be setting goals for the new year. This year I decided to set more reasonable resolutions for myself and not set anything that seemed to unrealistic to achieve. This years main goal for myself is self care! It’s something I definitely don’t do enough of, so I plan to take an hour of everyday and base it purely on self care. Whether that be a hair mask, face mask, relaxing in a warm bath with a glass of wine, scheduling more massages for myself, choosing the better pedicure package and just giving myself more LOVE! I want to be better when it comes to my skin, so using better products, washing my face every night (no matter how tired I am), moisturizing more and just loving my skin and body as a whole. I want to increase my daily water intake, wear more sunscreen in the summer, relax a little more so my body and mind have a chance to fully recharge. Another thing that falls under the self care category is the food I’m putting in my body. I want to cook at home more, eat more veggies, and up my protein. I’ve noticed that when I eat bad, I’m tired, and when I’m tired I slack at work or have no energy in my social life and when my body is worn out then I tend to get easily irritated. So there it is, my big 2019 goal is self care!

I started off the year buying tons of new face, hair and body products. Yes, all being a hefty investment BUT its going to be well worth it. Blog post coming soon on all the products I have invested in!

Here’s a list of 20 things to help kick start your self care goal:
1. Buy a new face wash
2. Hair masks – store bought or Pinterest homemade ones
3. Taking more baths and adding bath bombs/ bath salts/ bubbles
4. Buy a new body lotion, whether it be scented or super natural
5. Splurge on a really nice face moisturizer
6. Massages- we all need these every once in a while
7. Facials, either give yourself a home facial, or spend a few and get one done for you
8. Face masks – at least a couple times a week, there so refreshing
9. Teeth whitening strips, cause white teeth make everyone happy.
10. Take a long walk in your neighborhood and listen to an inspiring podcast
11. Adding fresh fruit to your water
12. Diffuse oils, my favorites are orange, lemon and rose
13. Meditating
14. Lip scrubs, my favorite one is like $15 and I use it over other night
15. Just throw vegetables, and chicken into a pan with fresh lemon and any seasoning
16. Going to bed earlier to wake up earlier
17. Reading a good book to relax my mind
18. Buy an inspirational desk calendar, so everyday you have something to good to read
19. Falling in love with all of the little things – this will help with your daily happiness
20. And more alone time cause giving myself ME TIME, really gets me through life

So there you have it, my list of to do’s for 2019. I’m really taking this year to focus so much more on myself and bettering myself as a whole!

Whats your New Years resolution?

Im so happy to be starting another year with you all and I cant wait to see what this year brings all of us!

xoxo, Mel


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