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Only 364 days till Christmas..

Well, there goes Christmas 2018.

I hope everyone had a wonderful time celebrating the Holidays with family and friends. I decided to pack my bags and head to small town Colorado for the weekend/week. Im currently sitting at the Colorado Springs airport typing this blog post out, as everyone is preparing for an Albuquerque low that is suppose to come through tonight. Wow, talk about me leaving at the right time..even though I secretly would love to be in a snow storm, sounds kind of fun!

I spent a good 5 days in Colorado, visiting all my family, drinking lots of wine and eating so much food that I was ending up in leggings by the end of the night..lol. Its always fun to get out of the city where I live (Scottsdale, Arizona) and head to the small towns for a few days. Its been really cold and windy, with all the trees frosted over (see last photo) so its been absolutely beautiful. This year, my brother and his fiancé flew in from Austin, Texas as well as my mom and step dad; so the whole family was there. For anyone that doesn’t know, my immediate family all lives in Arizona, but all my extended family is scattered throughout Colorado (meaning like, my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins all live in CO).

When I say small town, I mean small town!! When you’re bored you go to Walmart, for breakfast you go to Village inn, if you want a late night snack you head over to Sonic and for an adventure you go off roading, mudding or shooting.

But this time we played endless amounts of games, had a couple gift exchanges, sat around the table talking till the late hours of the night and Santa even made an appearance on Christmas Eve. My suitcase coming home is jammed pack, nearly over-weight and I seriosuly wouldn’t be surprised if the zipper pops.

As I sit at the airport and type this (well now on the plane actually), I start feeling all kinds of emotions. I love coming to Colorado and hanging around all my family, and just lounging on the couch catching up. But all good things must come to an end, so that is the last on my trip back to Colorado. But I’ll be back, don’t y’all worry!

See you soon CO, xoxo


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