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The closing of 2 chapters

As I hit another year older and another year comes to an end, I thought it would be a good time to reflect back a little into this last year.

Getting older use to scare me, but I have learned to love it, enjoy it, and accept it. You know why? Because its going to happen anyways! Ive finally hit 25, and as I like to call it, I’m officially half of 50 lol. Over the last year I have had some really low lows, but some really amazing highs as well.

I have gone through my toughest struggles with some friends, but have gained a few great ones along the way. I went through a friendship break up with a girl who I thought was going to a best friend forever. Loosing a friendship, is like loosing a lover. We need our girlfriends, they are what help us get through life and push us to be better. So that was definitely a tough time, BUT through all of that I have gained a few awesome girls that have joined our circle. You win some you loose some right!?

My heart took a minor stab, and it was a tough battle but I came out of that much stronger and way more aware of who I give my heart to and who I trust. Through it I have figured out exactly what I look for in a parter, how I want to be treated, how I want to be loved and all the feelings I should and shouldn’t feel when I’m with someone. So some postiive learning of myself came from this.

Earlier in the year, I recieved a job promotion, and I am currently in transition to my newest promotion. So I guess you could say work has been really great for me this year. Ill be honest though, I was nervous to take the promotion because it meant more work and more responsibility and I wasn’t sure I would be able to handle it. Clearly I was doubting myself and have done just fine!

One of my goals for 2018 was to be better with communicating with family and being more present. I think at my age we get too caught up in the night life, the friend time, the love and just get lost in our own lives. Making my family a bigger priority was super important to me and I truthfully think I have achieved that.

My greatest achievement this year thought is this right here..MY BLOG! I have put in many countless hours and have had quite a handful of sleepless nights just to get this thing rolled out and maintained. I wouldn’t change it for anything though, I am so in love with it!! When I am having a tough day, I get lost in a post. When I am confused or lost, I find something to write about. Its like my open diary, basically but with way more fashion and fun stuff rather than me telling you who I kissed when I was 8 LOL. My blog is soooooo much fun and my favorite thing to invest all my time into. There is so much more growing that will happen on here and I hope to one day only become to all my followers.

Enjoy my little glimpse into the last year. 🙂

Comment below with either your biggest struggle, or your greatest memory from this last year. I wanna hear!

xoxo, Melissa




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