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The thought of botox or injections of any sort use to scare me, UNTIL I got lip injections. And let me tell you, I am so happy with the outcome I don’t regret a second (or a penny lol). Injections aren’t to scare you, or make you think the only word that comes to mind..fake. They are to help imperfections or help future preventives. We all look in the mirror and see something we want to change or fix. Whether that be the cellulite you see on the back of your legs, or your lips when you smile, or the wrinkles when you squint. Mine was my lips! I wanted my smile to be fuller, I wanted less gums to show when I laughed, and I wanted a more defined pout. 

The first step is finding a place you trust. I couldn’t express this more!! Trust me, lip injections is a serious splurge and when you see a place offering a special of $250 it sounds nice compared to that place that quoted you $500. I chose MD Skin Lounge in Scottsdale and I have already gone back for other treatments, let alone referred everyone I can. 

Other than my lip injections, I received two shots of botox as well. I had one on each side above my upper lip to help tighten the muscles when I smiled. Everyone is different so do your research, talk to your physician and see what is best for you. 

Did it hurt? Yes a little, but nothing I couldn’t handle.

Like I mentioned before, lip fillers is quite the splurge. Botox on the other hand varies anywhere from $8-$24 a shot, careful though, it adds up quickly. My lips ended up costing me $400 for half a syringe of Volbella, and my two shots of botox each cost me $12 adding up to a total of $424. 

My only advice is DO. YOUR. RESEARCH.I probably thought about my injections for a solid year, but that is exactly how long it took me to find the right place. Since my injections, I have gone back for further botox, facials and have referred multiple friends to them. I seriously could not be happier with the outcome and I am definitely more confident in my smile. 

Below you will see a photo I took at the lounge with the numbing cream on, my right after picture and then a before and after picture. The side by side before photo was taken many months before my injections and my after photo was taken a month after my injections. 

With that being said, if you have any questions about my procedure or where I went, message me babe! Thats why I’m here. 


Before my treatmentFacetune_11-11-2018-14-09-28

After my treatmentFacetune_11-11-2018-14-10-53

Before and after; side by sideFacetune_11-11-2018-14-58-40

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