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My daily skin care routine


Skin care! The toughest routine to stick to but definitely the most important. I was really lucky and have never gone through that aggressive stage of bad skin, but I definitely do have those skin days that just drive me crazy. I have invested so much money in crazy expensive products, spent very minimal on drugstore brands and have spent something in between both of those on other brands. I think my biggest tip is to always wash your make up off before bed, even after a night out (your probably so tired, but just do it! You’ll thank yourself later). Over the last few months I have bettered my skin care routine for morning and night and have seen the most drastic change ever. Some nights I climb into bed before washing my face but just force myself to just get up and DO IT! Mornings are the toughest for me, I’m such a night owl that mornings can be extremely brutal sometimes. I feel like 90% of the time my eyes are so tired that they are never going to open. My ice roller has changed my mornings for the better though. Below is a breakdown of the skin care products I use and have listen them in the order that I use them. Each item is linked, so go buy something and give it a try. Just remember everyone’s skin is different, so what works for me might not work for you but just keep trying. I hope one or more of these items helps better your skin and can help you feel more confident as well. Message me if you have any questions, but also let me know which products you bought! **I am not a skin care professional, I just buy products and try them and hope for the best. Some times I’m lucky and sometimes I will wish I never even spent a penny on a product.

Morning routine..

Ice rolling
My ice roller has been my superhero every morning. I literally will wake up, run downstairs and grab it out of the freezer and immediately start using it. Normally I use it while I make a cup of coffee, go upstairs to start the shower, turn on some morning tunes and whatever else I can do with one hand (lol). I typically will ice roll for a good 10 minutes, all over my entire face. Ice rolling has really helped with my morning fatigue, puffiness and redness. I did some research online and I once read that cold temperature’s cause shrinkage which can help reduce the appearance of pores.

Micellar water
Super easy and simple step. Since I don’t actually wash my face in the morning this is really nice. I just pour some on a circular cotton pad and massage it all over my face. This basically is just cleaning off any access dirt that’s there.

And again, another super easy simple step. Just pour some onto a circular cotton pad and massage all over your face. Toner is just an additional step in helping sooth, hydrate and balance out your skin. I personally think it brightens my skin as well.

Eye cream
I use the Origins GinZing refreshing eye cream and it helps brighten under my eyes and helps de-puff those sleeping bags. I just do a small dab and massage it under my eyes. You could use this at night if you have constant bags under your eyes, but I would then recommend an eye cream for the PM.

Wow I can’t express that word enough! I have probably 2 or 3 that I swap between. Normally I use the Clinique moisture surge intense skin fortifying hydrator, which is my favorite. Sometimes I will switch it up and use the Neutrogena naturals multi-vitamin moisturizer and also the Philosophy Renewed Hope in a jar. I have a few other moisturizers that I will randomly use but for the most part I use the Clinique one. Ladies, primer is not a moisturizer, so make sure you are moisturizing your face before you put on a primer.

Nightly routine..

Face wipes
The last few years I have always only used the Neutrogena cleansing towelettes in the blue packaging, but maybe 3 months ago I made the decision to try out the Simple brand. My face hasn’t been happier. I’m a die-hard Neutrogena fan and I love all of their products but the Simple cleansing wipes seem to suit my skin better. I use one of them every night, no matter what (plus, I have white pillows and nobody has time for make up on their white pillows).

Facial cleansing brush + Cleanser
My facial brush (that came with 5 different heads) has saved my skin. After I’ve wiped all my make up off I wet my face, add a dime size amount of the Neutrogena Naturals purifying facial cleanser to my brush and start that baby up and scrub away. Some nights I will use the Korres Greek Yoghurt Foaming cream cleanser instead. I have swapped this one in and out of my skin routine for the last 2 years. The reasoning for not full time use is because it leaves my face more dry if I use it too much. But its a great add in every once in awhile (plus it smells delicious). I almost always use the 0.05mm PBT head for cleansing. If I’m feeling extra motivated I will swap that one out and use the Silicone cleansing head for a finishing clean. Rinse your face and say ahhh!

Micellar water
Add an average amount to a cotton pad and cleanse entire face. I always like to look at the cotton pad to see If any dirt/make up appears on it or if its still pure white. When nothing shows up on it I feel like I mastered a facial cleanse and that is one great feeling.

Like I mentioned in my morning routine, I use all of those same moisturizers but at night as well.

Every other night I will use the Pixi Overnight Glow Serum, instead of a moisturizer. You typically will add 2-3 drops in the palm of your hand and massage into your face. You will use this after you have washed and toned your face but before your moisturizer. Like I said, if I am using this then I don’t use a moisturizer that night (but for those of you with dryer skin, then I recommend moisturize every chance you can).

By the way! Face masks, whether its a clay mask or a full sheet mask.. I love it!


Random tip..
One full body skin tip I have is the Aveeno moisturizing bar. Growing up I would get small patches of eczema on my arms and I can’t tell you how many different products my parents bought me to help with it. Now that I have gotten older I rarely get it anymore, but sometimes I will experience the itchiness of it. The Aveeno bar has a rough texture to it which I feel helps getting off that dead itchy skin. I use it every time I’m in the shower, and it doesn’t act as a body wash either (I’m a bath and body works fan for body washes). I’ve definitely noticed that it has improved my skin and is much smoother since using it. I would highly recommend this bar to anyone with dry skin! (Its weird my facial skin is more oily than dry, but my body is drier than anything).

Xoxo, I can’t wait to hear which products you tried and which ones you fell in love with!

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